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Inara Hotels & Resorts is a selected array of deluxe hotels bearing originality and unique charm. The collections cater to today’s frequent travelers who long to spoil themselves in a modern and vibrant scene rooted in art and design.
Devoted to nurture a sense of familiarity among guests through complete personalized service, blissful memories are bound to be crafted at Inara. To ensure a flawless vacation, every stay will see you with your own Butler, who excels in their ability to anticipate your every need, and to exceed your every expectation. From the time you arrive at the airport, up to the point you check-in for your flight home, your Butler will become your helpful tour planner, friendly shopping companion who exudes the warmth and hospitality that Inara is renowned for. More than a perfect and an idyllic haven, Inara is an experience beyond imagination. 



Our team of food and beverage professionals don’t just aim to create restaurants, they aim to formulate culinary journeys. Showcasing the sensation from fresh and natural flavours, we transform ordinary meals into thrilling gastronomic experiences that spoil your tastebuds.