The Ubud Monkey Forest is a small nature reserve on the southern outskirts of Ubud. It is owned by the village of Padangtegal whereby community members serve on the forest’s governing council. The Padangtegal Wenara Wana Foundation has historically strived to develop and implement management objectives. That will both maintain the sacred integrity of monkey forest and promote it for visitors from around the world. 

ubud royal palace


The Ubud Royal Palace is one of the most prominent places in Ubud. As it is smack-dab on the main Jalan Raya Ubud road and intersection. The palace can also be regarded as the focal landmark of Ubud. The Ubud palace was built during the lordship of the late Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel (1800-1823), and is well-kept by his successive heirs.



With its serene atmosphere, cool mountain climate, and breathtaking surroundings, Kintamani is a destination that captivates both domestic and international tourists. One of the main attractions in Kintamani is the majestic Mount Batur, which can be reached within just an hour’s drive from Inara Alas Harum. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this tranquil location, where nature’s wonders await your exploration.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace


Just a 20-minute drive from our resort lies the mesmerizing Tegallalang Rice Terrace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This enchanting landscape showcases a harmonious arrangement of rice paddies, adhering to the ancient Balinese irrigation system known as “subak.” The system is said to have been passed down by a sage named Rsi Markandeya in the 8th century.